Why Your Business Should Consider Going Solar


As a business owner, installing a solar energy system might seem like a risky move. Okay, so you’ve probably heard about large corporations turning to solar power, and maybe it’s something you’re considering in the distant future when your company has grown sufficiently enough to afford the major investment needed to be environmentally ‘good’. But for now, it isn’t a strategic financial decision you really need to think about. Or, so you thought!

Instead, it may be time to join the throng of savvy small business owners that have discovered the real benefits of solar energy for their businesses. Smaller businesses are also capitalising on the financial savings that an ‘all singing all dancing‘ solar energy system provides.

With this in mind, let’s crunch some numbers…This is a financial decision after all, right?

According to Energy Consumer Australia’s preliminary ‘Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) Report’, the average annual electricity bill paid in 2017 by Queensland businesses was approximately $12,000. That’s $1000 per month. In addition, Finder.com, Australia’s largest online comparison site, suggests that even installing a 5kw solar energy system generating between 18 and 25Kw of power will cut your energy bill by around 21% per year. That’s an average saving of $2520 per year or $210 per month.

Please note that figures are rough estimates and don’t take into account particular business needs

The good news for you is that the cost of buying solar panels has dropped considerably here in Australia and with electricity prices continuing to fluctuate unpredictably, it makes the financials of going solar even more attractive.

Let’s not forget that financial incentive isn’t the only reason to ‘buy into’ solar energy- although it’s a pretty good start 🙂 Instead small and medium-sized businesses are finding that there are other compelling reasons for making the switch. These include:

Gaining more customers

Let’s face it, we live in a world where global issues are important. A world where buzzwords like ‘sustainability’ are being rolled out with extraordinary frequency. So, who’s not going to love a company that proves their commitment to sustainability. Buyers love products and businesses that care about their environment– enough said!

Improving employee satisfaction

Following on from above, 21st-century employees love working for ethically responsible companies. And, it doesn’t come much more responsible than harnessing power from nature. Employees of sustainable companies tend to be happier, more productive, and ‘on-side‘ with the company mission.

Helping the local economy

When a business contracts their solar energy installation to a local company, invariably, workers in the local market carry out the installation. As they get to know you and your company, they’ll develop trust and at some time in the future when they’re in the market for your (insert product or service here) you’ll be the first name on their list.

As you can see, the numbers certainly do stack up. Solar panel systems really are the smart investment for businesses! If you’d like to find out more about how we can help your business, contact Positronic Solar today on 07 3103 6018 and talk to our friendly team of experts.

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