If your solar system needs servicing, call Positronic Solar

This photo illustrates a couple of reasons why you should contact Positronic Solar for solar panel servicing.

The most obvious fail here is getting panels cleaned by a panel cleaning company. They’re almost invariably clueless about the damage done by walking on panels.
They have no expertise in solar at all therefore they’re not going to pick up any problems that your system might have.

This 100kW array is now officially stuffed. It will develop cracks in the wafers reducing its output and eventually causing a fire.

The array design doesn’t help either because no provision has been made for maintenance or making it idiot proof.

If you look at our photos of Estilo on Kittyhawk you’ll see a decent gap between rows and the panels are on a tilt, meaning you’d really have to try hard to walk on them.

If your system needs a clean, call Positronic on 3103 6018. We’ll not only clean them, we’ll go over all the connections, switches etc and advise on any repair work that may be required.

We won’t stand on your panels.

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