Testimonial Six

I had never heard of them before but I bought a house early last year and my neighbours roof was covered in solar. So I had a chat to him and I decided to join the club. I got many quotes from installers. Cost was not a major driving force. But the word of mouth recommendation from my neighbours made my mind up. I didn’t have much time to go into the details of the Install at the time. But I have had time to go over their electrical install with a fine tooth comb. There installation is simply incredible. They must has spent extra time to do the job right! I have seen the work of many electricians and these guys do the best work.I struggle to see how they can do such an extensive slick professional job at such a reasonable price. The retail price of the quality components would cost more that the whole installation before the rebate. How is it possible? I don’t think anyone is going to be getting rich installing PV on peoples home because the margins must be very tight.But I thank Positronic Solar from the bottom of my heart for providing me with a quality grid feed solar system at a very reasonable price. The attention to detail of the whole installation is exceptional.

Positronic Solar