Z21 Kratos Battery Back-UP


Key Features Of The Z21 Hybrid Inverter

UPS (Backup Output)

The Z21I4K6D48 has an emergency backup output that can deliver 4.6kW of power continuously with a peak of 6.9kW for 10 seconds during a blackout/power outage. The changeover time is less than 8ms which makes this a true UPS.

100A Charge/Discharge Capability

Allows for a faster charge time and high discharge capability to cover larger evening peak loads. This means less energy imported from the grid in the evening when compared to other products that only offer 50A charge and discharge capability.

Load Monitoring

The included energy meter allows for load monitoring remotely via the Z21 Manager mobile application or via the Zeus Appollo monitoring portal (if connected to the internet). Visualizing your usage can help with improving your energy management. Better energy management can potentially reduce your energy costs even further.

Key Features Of The SolarBatt Kratos ESS

Safer Battery Chemistry

The Kratos is designed with LiFePO4 Chemistry, with a proven safety track record. The thermal run away temperature is over 480 C°. Due to this, LiFEPO4 should be the only Lithium battery chemistry you choose for residential and commercial applications.

High Power Output & Usable Ratio

The Kratos is capable of delivering very high charge and discharge currents which allow for the best return of investment. The system is able to reach C rate at 1C continuously and 2C at peak. With its smart design concept, it can deliver a usable ratio of 96%

Modular Design

The modular design of the Solarbatt Kratos allows provides the option to upgrade the system at a later date. Up to 80kWh of modules can be used in a single 48V bank.

Natural Cooling

Designed with natural cooling, the Solarbatt Kratos will run quieter than similar products that use other forced cooling methods. It also removes a potential failure point of the system such as fans which can require maintenance over time.

Easy Installation

Aside from being easily expandable, the modular design of the Solarbatt Kratos allows for a very quick and easy installation. Rather than have multiple people transport a 150kg+ all in one solution, the Solarbatt Kratos can be moved around and installed by a single person.

10 Year Warranty

A 10 year warranty for your peace of mind means your investment will be protected for many years to come.

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