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Whether it's solar panels for your home or business, Positronic Solar has you covered. Positronic Solar has over 30 years experience in solar panel installation, supplying home solar systems around Australia. You can rely on us to supply a quality solar power system where the solar panels cost is within your budget.

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Our systems consistently out perform our competitors.

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no two properties are the same we design our systems specifically for your needs.


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Our team at Positronic Solar can answer every question you have about solar. We supply and install quality home solar systems, business solar systems and hybrid solar systems.

Call Positronic today and get the Sun working for you.

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Solar Advice

Positronic Solar is not just another ‘sales company’. We’re committed to renewable energy and have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to share. Some of that knowledge is available on this site. Have a look around while you’re here. Contact us if you have specific questions not covered in these pages.

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I had never heard of them before but I bought a house early last year and my neighbours roof was covered in solar. So I had a chat to him and I decided to join the club. I got many quotes from installers. Cost was not a major driving force. ...


Hey Positronic team, just wanted to say a big thank you again. Your product is great, I have had the system (3.7kW) for 3 years and have not had any problems and your professionalism throughout this time has been outstanding. Big special thanks to Fiona, you are amazing. Keep ...


Thanks Positronic Solar, couldn't be happier with the solar system just received yet another small power bill.

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Their customer service is second to none. After the 2011 floods they learnt our street had damaged homes. They didn't stop calling until they reached us, when they did they offered to come help clean up an to fix/reinstall an damaged solar for free we would only need to buy ...

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Solar Ain’t Solar – Dissecting the Cost of Quality Solar in Australia

This article was written by Andrew Mitchell, Product Line Manager at Enphase Australia As with any product or service, the age old saying generally holds true; you get what you pay for. Everyone likes a good bargain, and there is a lot to be said for shopping around to squeeze a few percentage points off […]

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calender-icon 13, Sep 2019

Panels, Shade and Diodes

UNDERSTANDING SHADING Soft shading is caused by objects that are far away, most notably clouds. While this type of shading is not controllable, it’s factored into your yield estimate. You’ll also find that when it is cloudy, diffuse radiation still hits the panel, enabling a little bit of power generation. Shading from clouds is almost […]

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