Solar For Business

Commercial businesses all over Australia are installing solar on their expansive roofs to decrease their electricity bill and save money.

Free quotes

Our sales team will provide you with a free quote, which will include an aerial graphic of how your install will look and an individual assessment. This is followed by an onsite assessment of your roof, switchboard and grid connection to ensure the optimum design of your system.
You will not be pressured by our team if you get a quote – there are no strings attached.

Individualised assessment

Positronic’s sales team is dedicated to providing you with a free, honest appraisal of how a Positronic solar array would work for your business. This assessment includes expectations of energy generation and how much money you could save.Importantly, our sales team will be honest. If they think it wouldn’t be economical for your business to install solar then they will tell you.

Winaico Panels

Businesses usually have large, expansive roofs perfect for solar panels, we believe this potential should not go to waste.Positronic Solar uses high-quality Winaico panels, made in Taiwan. Winaico are one of the largest semi-conductor manufacturers in the world and are supported by a 15 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty. In addition to this is a 2 year whole-of-system warranty which can be upgraded to 7 years.
Winaico manufacture a range of panels from WST-260P6 polycrystalline panels to WSP-310M6 high efficiency panels. Positronic has chosen to use Winaico as they use wave soldering as opposed to contact soldering to fix the interconnecting bus-bars to the cells. This results in a much cleaner contact, meaning that poor connections and resultant heat and losses do not occur.
​We attach our panels with anodised aluminium rails and stainless steel hardware to ensure decades of security. Our racking installations exceed cyclone requirements.

Fronius Inverters

The three phase, transformerless Fronius Symo and Eco inverters are available for larger systems. They are smarter, lighter, and more flexible than other inverters. Fronius inverters comes with data logging equipment, allowing both you and Positronic to monitor the efficiency of your system online. This inverter is future-proofed – it is smart-grid ready and has a range of intelligent features. It also has the ability to limit its export to the grid if required by the Supply Authority. Fronius Symo inverters are available up to 20kW, Eco up to 27kW and can be paralleled to form systems as large as 100kW or more.

Enphase Microinverters

The Enphase microinverter system allows large, efficient arrays to be installed on apartment roofs. Solar systems on apartments are limited to a maximum of 600 volts DC. Enphase systems run at 40 volts or less as each panel has it’s own inverter. Apartment roofs are generally cluttered with vent pipes, air conditioning plant etc and the Enphase system, where every panel operates to it’s maximum potential, outperforms traditional string inverters where the worst performing panel limits the output of the entire string.

Data Logging

When you purchase a Positronic system it will come free with a ‘data logger’. This is a device that will live upload your system’s performance and your energy consumption so you can monitor it online. Energy management is also an inexpensive option. Not only does this give you information and ability to effectively manage your energy costs it also allows us to remotely ensure you system is running efficiently.

An example of a Positronic customer’s live monitoring on PVOutput

We’re committed to provide our customers with best quality service.

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