Solar For Home

People all over Australia are making the shift to home solar systems. Not only does a solar power system reduce your carbon footprint, solar panels cost so little that they save you money. Contact Positronic to buy solar panels for your home.

Why Positronic?

Thousands of customers can’t be wrong – Positronic is the best installer in South-East Queensland. What makes us so special is our dedication to perfection. We have strict quality control so only the best materials are used, as well as continued monitoring after installation to ensure your array works as designed.
We are strongly committed to renewable energy, particularly solar pv.

Free quotes

Our sales team will provide you with a free quote. This will include an aerial graphic of how your install will look and an individual assessment. This is followed by an onsite assessment of your roof, switchboard and grid connection to ensure the optimum design of your system.
​You will not be pressured by our team if you get a quote – there are no strings attached.

Individualised assessment

Positronic’s sales team is dedicated to providing you with a free, honest appraisal of how a Positronic solar array would work for you. This assessment includes expectations of energy generation and how much money could be saved.
Importantly, our sales team will be honest. If they think it won’t be economic for you to install solar then they will tell you.

LONGi Panels

LONGi supplies more than 30GW of high-efficiency solar wafers and modules worldwide yearly, about a quarter of global market demand.
Longi panels are a decent quality, budget panel with amazing outputs. Positronic Solar supplies the 455W split cell monocrystalline panel.

Fronius Primo Inverter

The single phase, transformerless Fronius Primo is available for big and small solar arrays. It is smarter, lighter, and more flexible than other inverters. Positronic Solar supplies all our Fronius systems with the Fronius Smart Meter. This allows you to monitor your energy consumption as well as your system’s generation. Positronic Solar programs your inverter to log to and We also register your system with Fronius and enable the free five year extension on the standard five year warranty.

Enphase IQ7A Microinverter

Located beneath each panel, microinverters convert power right at the source, maximising energy harvest without high voltage power on your roof.Built on the seventh-generation platform, the Enphase IQ7A Microinverter achieves the highest inverter efficiency for module-level power electronics. With its all-AC approach, the IQ7A simplifies design and installation, and delivers optimal energy harvest.
When coupled with the Longi 455W panel you’ve got an ideal system performing with astounding results. Positronic supply the Envoy S metered logger which allows you to see your generation and usage online, either via Enphase’s Enlighten or on

We’re committed to provide our customers with best quality service.

Positronic Solar