Enphase IQ5 Batteries

The Enphase Energy System brings solar, batteries, and software together in one complete package so now you can make, use, save, and sell your own power—all through a smart mobile app.
With an Enphase system, not only can you lower your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint, but you can also keep your power flowing even when the weather takes an unexpected turn or the grid has a bad day.

Choosing the Right Battery for the Job

Normally the Enphase IQ5 battery will supply your loads and re-charge with solar energy, then export the excess solar energy when the battery is full.
Evening house loads are supplied from the battery until the battery is flat, the loads are then supplied from the grid until the following morning.
On the rare occasion of a blackout the battery will be asked to provide full load for your house, or at least a reasonable percentage.
With the Storm Guard feature in the Enphase App, you can keep your home prepared for outages by monitoring for approaching storms.
If one is detected, your batteries will automatically fully charge for the most backup power possible.
The Enphase IQ5 gives you a seamless changeover from grid to battery power, with up to 3.8kW of power per IQ5 to power your essential circuits.
The IQ5 batteries will charge using solar energy from your microinverters and supply your loads with solar energy if the black-out is during daylight hours.
IQ5 batteries are built using Lithium Ferrous Phosphate chemistry and IQ8D microinverters, giving you the safest possible technology to install storage in your home.

From $16,500 including IQ3 System Controller and two IQ5 5kWh batteries

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