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Solar Hot Water

Heat pumps and collector type hot water systems are expensive to buy and repair.
A Catchpower diverter can be included in your new solar installation or retrofitted to your existing system, turning your electric hot water tank into a solar hot water system for less than $1000.
CATCH Power offers the ability to increase your self-consumption by 20-30% (depending on individual household usages) and for the fraction of the price of a battery.
In most cases offering a payback in as little as 2.5 – 3 years.
How is this possible?
Well, the truth is you already have the ability to store all this excess energy within your home without the need for costly batteries and the solution lies in your humble Electric Hot Water system.
In most cases the single highest load within the home is the electrical hot water system, with the average family using anywhere between 6 -10 kWh’s a day to heat their hot water.
In most cases this is offered at an ‘off peak’ rate, like all electricity prices it continues to rise each year and we often see customers paying upwards of $1.50 a day for their hot water heating.
Don’t let this scare you off and think about removing your electric system to save on costs because this is where CATCH Power comes in.
CATCH is a small device that sits next to your meter box and detects whenever there is excess energy about to ‘leave’ the property.
It then redirects this energy into your hot water system, essentially giving you ‘Free’ hot water from your solar, turning your normal solar system into a ‘virtual’ solar hot water system.

How does it work?

Green CATCH is simply a diverter of solar power that is excess to your household.

  • CATCH is installed next to the meter box.
  • CATCH monitors power coming and going from your premises; when the diverter senses power leaving it redirects that power to your hot water service.
  • The buttons on the front allow you to choose ‘Solar Only’, ‘Heat Now’, ‘2 Hour Boost’ or ‘5 Hour Boost’
  • Green CATCH will automatically adjust to make the best use of your solar. It learns every day.


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