You know you want a quality solar system but you’re on a budget.

6.6kW Solar Systems on Special

Winaico panels are famous for their high quality and good output. We’re running a limited special on Winaico 275W panels as they have come to the end of production.Coupled with our famous Trannergy inverters we can offer a 24 panel 6. 6kW array with a wifi enabled 5kW inverter for $5,975 fully installed. If you only require a 4.95kW system we offer a 18 panel array with the Trannergy SGN5400 for $5,000 fully installed.​ 24 Winaico 275W panels and the Fronius Primo 5 inverter, complete with consumption monitoring and hot water control is only $7,295. A 4.95kW array with the Primo 5, consumption monitoring and hot water control is $6,200. Winaico panels come with a 15 year warranty and a 25 year production guarantee.Trannergy inverters have a 5 year guarantee, Fronius inverters have a 10 year guarantee.

Free Solar Meters!

Since 1st December, Energex no longer installs meters, they are now the retailers’ responsibility. Our customers have experienced long delays getting meters changed and have endured tedious time on the phone trying to get some action. Diamond Energy are the exception.

They are Australian owned, with Australian call centres and are committed to service.When you’ve ordered your Positronic installation head to Switch4Good.

Tick the box that says you have a solar installation and in the notes, mention that it was installed by Positronic Solar and you’d like a free meter.​

Ask us about the special discount off your quote when you switch to Diamond. This could be up to $300 on a 5kW system.

We’re committed to provide our customers with best quality service.