Free Off Grid Lighting Kit!

Every Positronic Solar installation gets one of these included, free.
They don’t come with the pretty rocks, you have to dress them up yourself.
If you do a particularly nice job (and it wouldn’t be hard to do better than my effort ) send us a photo and we’ll post it to https://www.facebook.com/positronicsolar/
If you want to buy one and you’re not a Positronic Solar customer, they’re $30 each. You get one and we send one to Abaokoro High School, Kiribati.
If you are a Positronic Solar customer, they’re still $30 but Abaokoro High School gets two.
If you want one (or more) give Narelle a call on 07 3103 6018.

This video is the kids of Abaokoro High School saying thanks for a pallet of books we gave them a few years ago:
Their houses are pandanus huts with no power or water. The upmarket houses might have an 80W panel and a few LED lights.
Where’s Kiribati?
Put this in Google and you’ll see the high school: 1.501167, 173.016944
If you go south west a couple of hundred metres you’ll see a 12kW off grid we put in for the Sisters of the Good Samaritan pre-school and convent: 1.499390, 173.018209
By the way, it’s pronounced Kiribas – the original missionaries only gave them 17 letters.

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