Inglis Electric

Rainbow Power Company install, 1990s.

John Inglis, the proprietor of Positronic Solar, Data & Electrical and Positronic Manufacturing, has been working in the solar industry since 1990. He started his family business as ‘Inglis Electric’ operating in Northern New South Wales, installing small, stand-alone 1kW systems. In the early 1990s, John installed a system which was large for its time for the Rainbow Power Company, Nimbin. It was a 5kW solar system, with one steam and two wind generators feeding to the grid with three inverters. This was one of the first grid connect systems in Australia.

Birth of Positronic

30kW for Rechenberg Security, Bundaberg.

When John moved to Brisbane in 2005 he realised that the solar industry was quickly expanding so he decided to focus all his energy on solar and rebrand his company.
John is a big science-fiction fan so he took inspiration from Isaac Asimov’s ‘positronic brain’ for the name of his business. Simply, a ‘positronic brain’ is the ‘brain’ or the CPU (central processing unit) of robots that gives them a form of consciousness.
As solar grew, so did the business.

Positronic’s Development

Ten Enphase AC Batteries doubling the storage of a Positronic BI48600XD off grid system

While Positronic was expanding and busy, John still saw potential for even more growth. He formed a team of experienced electricians to develop and create a powerful, efficient battery system that can be used for different solar systems. These systems were created with an extensive amount of research and development to ensure they met Australian conditions and Positronic’s high quality standard. See Battery Systems for more information.
Positronic saw the need for data logging of home solar systems to monitor efficiency. Solar panels cost a lot of money and it is important that they operate properly. Data loggers became standard and free of charge for every customer so they can monitor their system in real time, to see how much power they are generating and how much money they are saving.
See the Positronic Team on PVOutput to see how our Positronic systems are going.

Positronic Today

100kW at Cook Medical, Brisbane.See it on PVOutput

Positronic is as committed as ever to providing our customers with the best quality service. This means top of the range material with competitive pricing. Today, we install around 300kW of residential grid connect solar a month. ​On top of this, we also do large solar power systems for businesses. In the beginning, a 10kW hybrid grid system at Samford was a big job. Today, Positronic regularly installs large solar arrays with ease, ranging from 200kW for a rice farmer near Moulamein, NSW, to 30kW on Brisbane business’ roofs. Whether you want solar panels for your home or business, Positronic can help.

200kW for a rice farm at Moulamein, NSW


We’re committed to provide our customers with best quality service.

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