Enphase vs Trannergy

Avid readers will remember I have two favourite inverters.
There’s my sentimental favourite, the Trannergy (aka Shanghai Grrl) and the Enphase.
Well, yesterday we replaced a 6 year old grrl that was playing during a lightning storm (this did not end well) with an Enphase IQ7+ system. The grrl lost one of her MPPTs and her logging.
The ET 200W panels had copped a million volts and instantly got coffee stains on the cells. We replaced the ETs with REC 320NPeaks.
Anthony is on the 44c tariff so we had to keep the inverter and array size less than the original, but it’s only 100W less.
Anthony’s grrl has been chatting to pvoutput.org incessantly for the last 6 years.
So what we have now is the ability to compare an identical string and micro system on the same roof.
Guess what? The Enphase is running at 18 – 20% better than the old grrl.
Here’s a comparison between the Enphase/REC and the Trannergy/ET from two years ago
This tells me that Enphase isn’t just for tricky or shady roofs
Yes, Enphase is more expensive than a Trannergy ( or any string inverter) but if you want to maximise the yield from your roof and you want a safe solar system without DC isolators please get in touch.
Of course, if Enphase is out of your budget, you really can’t beat a grrl. Particularly when she’s all dressed up with a Solar Analytic and a Catch Green.

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